Fall River man who left the scene of 2018 fatal crash receives prison sentence

Fall River Box Truck Driver

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) – A Fall River man who left the scene of a fatal crash in June 2018 was sentenced to serve 3-4 years in state prison earlier this week.

On June 14, 2018 Irvin Dominguez Cruz, 40, was driving a large Enterprise box truck traveling south on Highland Ave in Fall River, according to Bristol County District Attorney Spokesman Gregg Miliote.

Without signaling, and without breaking, Dominguez-Cruz took a left turn onto Courtney Street, the entrance way to Royal Crest Apartments, Miliote said.

At the same time Chrisopher Mills, 29, of Taunton was riding his motorcycle north on Highland Avenue.

Cruz’s truck that he was driving blocked Mills’ lane of travel and he couldn’t stop in time striking the truck. After the crash happened Cruz left the scene prior to emergency crews arriving.

The motorcycle left a 57 foot kid mark before impact, a dent in the box, and damage to the rim of Cruz’s truck that he was driving.

Mills was transported to Rhode Island Hospital where he died from what police describe as “extensive injuries.”

Investigators later found Cruz at his apartment at Royal Crest, and learned that he was driving the box truck, Miliote said.

Cruz had driven the truck back to the storage yard in Stoughton, Massachusetts.  Once Cruz arrived back in Stoughton, he saw that there was damage to his truck, that there was bending to the rim, and a dent in the box, where Mills’ helmeted head struck it. Cruz’s boss told police that Cruz called him for a ride to his Fall River apartment from Stoughton.

During the ride back from Stoughton to Fall River, Cruz made no mention of the damage to his boss’s truck, nor did he disclose the prior crash, according to Miliote.

“Not only did the defendant cause the accident that resulted in the victim’s death, but he left the scene and had to be arrested by the police,” Bristol County District Attorney Quinn said. “He made no effort to turn himself in. As tragic as this case is for the victim’s family, I hope they feel that there has been some measure of accountability for their loved one’s death.” 



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