Fall River Mayor unveils FY2020 budget

By News Staff

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FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) – Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia outlined his 2020 budget in a press conference Wednesday at Government Center.

As part of the $300 million plan, Correia said he’ll be making upgrades to public safety, including adding new police officers, cruisers, and fire equipment.

In addition, $104 million will be put toward education.

“These increases are necessary and are unavoidable… But they’re important”, Correia said. “They’re important to make the city safer. They’re important to continue to invest in education.”

The mayor is currently dealing with legal troubles linked to his Sno-Owl app.

He was indicted in October on federal tax and wire fraud charges.

Correia is accused of using investments in that app to fund a lavish lifestyle.

He also survived a recall election in March.

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