Fall River Mayor’s Wife Hit by Car During Bicycle Ride

Fall River, MA (WLNE) – Fall River Mayor Paul Coogan says his wife, Judi, is in the ICU after being hit by a car while on her bicycle.

According to Coogan, his wife was doing a 60-mile ride with Narragansett Bay Wheelmen on Sunday, when she was hit. He said that a car ran a stop sign and struck three of the cyclists. On Monday, Coogan issued an update saying Judi is in stable condition.

“Judi is an ultimate competitor. As her record indicates, she was in the Olympics and she’s been in surgeries before and had a broken collarbone before. This is probably the worst thing that’s happened to her, but she will fight her way through it,” Mayor Coogan said.

The former Olympic athlete is now suffering 12 broken ribs, broken collarbones, and punctured lungs.

Coogan says the other cyclists that were hit were not injured.

“Judi hit the wheel and then slid under the car or the truck and I think the car tires ran right up onto her and then the guy backed up, so that’s why she has all that damage to her chest,” Mayor Coogan said.

Coogan said Judi is in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Luke’s Hospital. He asked for prayers for his wife. He said she plans to be back to cycling after her recovery and rehab.

“They’re looking at her lungs because one has a minor puncture and one has a little bit bigger than minor puncture and they want to make sure they don’t have to vent them. They’re worried about that, they’re worried about the broken ribs and collarbones, they’re worried about everything.”

ABC 6 News reached out to Mattapoisett Police for more information, but did not hear back. Mayor Coogan says the driver did stay at the scene and he believes that person was cited, but he is waiting on more information from police.

The accident comes ahead of his campaign for re-election. The Mayor will face off to City Council President Cliff Ponte in Tuesday’s Mayoral race. Now, he says he has to do it without his partner in crime.

“Tomorrow night, you know, she always was at all the events at the end and that’s what’s going to bum,” Mayor Coogan said. “I’ll probably go back to the hospital after the results come in. Hopefully its good news and things work out, but she’ll want to know right away.”

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