Fall River mother accused of assaulting infant daughter released

A Fall River mother was released from custody on Monday after she was charged with assault and battery on her three-month-old daughter.

Investigators in Fall River were called to Hasbro Children’s Hospital on June 4, where doctors told police the young girl had terrible trauma to her private parts, with one doctor saying it’s the worst she’s seen in 20 years.

Thaysa Gagne, 21, was arrested and had been held without bail pending Monday’s dangerousness hearing.

Assistant District Attorney Seth Aitken was asking a judge to continue to hold Gagne without bail until the trial.

“We have these facts that I think are unavoidable, and I would suggest that it paints a picture of dangerousness,” Aitken said.

Gagne’s lawyer Nicholas Athanassiou called Fall River Detective Dwaine Cabeceiras to the stand, who discussed his interviews with Gagne.

Cabeceiras said that Gagne told him she was cleaning her daughter from “white discharge” when she accidentally cut the infant in her private area.

The white discharge was described in court as being some type of heat rash, according to Gagne’s interview with police.

“She saw the blood she got nervous, she panicked, she grabbed the wipe and tried to clean the blood out. And as she did, [it] caused a little more intrusion, and eventually another injury,” Cabeceiras testified. “She told me it wasn’t intentional, that it was an accident.”

After the testimony, Aitken told Judge Kevin Finnerty that Gagne was not only a danger to the daughter, who is now in DCF custody, but also a danger to the public for not being transparent with police from the start.

“The ordinary person would immediately call their primary care, would immediately go to the emergency room,” Aitken said.

But Athanassiou painted a picture of a young mother who panicked.

“As the person who accidentally scratched her will also bear the pain in this tragedy, regardless of the outcome of this case,” he said. “Ultimately she wants to get custody of her daughter back.”

The defense’s argument seemed to work as Judge Finnerty released Gagne on what’s called probation surety. Gagne won’t have to pay money, she just needs to continue seeing her probation officer.

Gagne cannot have contact with her daughter until the case finishes.

She’s due back in court for a probable cause hearing on Aug. 13.