Fall River police officer recognized for continued kindness

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) — The Fall River Police Department is honoring Officer Guy Furtado for his continued kindness, keeping a 91-year-old woman company until her final day.

“I responded to her home for reports of someone insider her house,” said Furtado, explaining how he first met 91-year-old Jean McCanna a year ago. “I checked the house, and then spoke with her and she apologized for wasting our time. But, I explained she can call the police whenever she needs.”

McCanna was blind and living alone. Furtado decided to check in on the woman every week.

He explained, “She was alone and you can tell she was lonely. I would pop in and ask if she needed anything to eat or drink, and we would just have small talk. She would call me her police man.”

McCanna passed away just a week ago.

“He was just the highlight of the past year of her life, where she was blind and bed ridden,” said McCanna’s niece, Carol Aguiar. “To see a little old lady and spend a few minutes with her and brighten her life.”

Aguiar sent a note to the department, thanking Furtado for his kindness. The department was unaware that he had been helping the 91-year-old until she passed away.

Furtado hopes his story can inspire other departments to bridge the gap with their community.

He concluded, “Every time we deal with the public, it’s usually their worst day. So, in this situation we kind of turned that around. We’re people, too.”

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