Fall River woman says cat was shot with bb gun, 8 stuck in head

FALL RIVER, Ma (WLNE): Melanie Gonyon was looking to adopt a cat when her co-worker found a stray in November and Gonyon decided to take the cat in. 

Immediately, Gonyon noticed her cat Zeus was sick and frail. She took him to the vet multiple times because he was having a hard time breathing. They took x-rays of the cat to determine what was wrong. 

“I remember the nurse came into the office and my heart sank,” Gonyon said. “I saw the x-rays and I broke down. I knew someone hurt this cat.” 

The x-rays show Zeus has 15 metal bb’s in his body. 8 are in Zeus’ head.  

According to Gonyon, the bb’s are healed into his skin and the nurse doesn’t want to take them out because they don’t believe they are doing damage. However, there are two in his chin that Gonyan can feel, and can’t imagine it doesn’t bother her cat. 

Zeus has a number of issues due to not being properly cared for, including kidney and respiratory problems.

Anyone looking to donate to Gonyon’s GoFundeMe can click here.  

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