Fall River woman turns self in, charged with murder

By Matt Blanchette


A Fall River woman is accused of murder after an argument over 50 dollars. That woman turned herself in this morning after spending the weekend on the run.

Adrienne Brown involved herself in an argument between her daughter and the victim, Brian Jones, on Third Street in Fall River Saturday afternoon.

The result of that dispute was three stab wounds to Jones’ chest, which led to his death. Brown is charged with murder after she was originally wanted for questioning in the death of Jones, 53.

Four witness told police Brown’s 19-year-old daughter, Quaneja, was arguing with Jones over 50 dollars on Saturday afternoon.

Adrienne Brown then joined the loud public argument.

“She saw a female, a defendant by a gold car. She saw the victim walk away from the defendant pull up his shirt and state, she just stabbed me,” ADA Courtney Cahill said in court.

Jones, who was stabbed three times, was able to call 911 himself, but died at the hospital after one of the stab wounds pierced his heart.

Brown told police she would meet with them on Saturday night, an hour after the incident, but disappeared and turned her phone off until she arrived at the police department this morning.

Brown was already scheduled to be in court in July for a separate assault and battery charge. She is being held on $500,000 cash bail.

Cahill describes the relationship between the Browns’ and Jones’ as simply neighborhood friends.

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