Familiar flooding washing up in Warwick

By: Alexandra Cowley


A lot of U-turns were made Tuesday on Bellows Street, to avoid the flooding there. It's a familiar scene that got the attention of a state representative.

“I mean we've seen cars float through it and people have had to be carried out of it, I mean it's like the big monster there,” said Tammy Healy.

Every time it rains, Geotech employee Tammy Healy says the giant pool on Bellows Street in Warwick returns.

Healy points, “This one spot is horrible every time we get heavy rains it floods just like you see it now.”

It makes getting to work difficult for employees at Geotech.

“We've actually called the city and we've called the state,” said Healy.

Bellows Street is a high traffic area. The road people use to get to their homes and businesses, but many drivers are forced to whip a U–turn when it rains, to avoid making waves, or risk getting  stuck. One of those U–turns was made by Representative Joseph McNamara.

“This is an area that has traditionally been vulnerable to flooding,”said McNamara.

McNamara was out in his district, surveying trouble spots, looking for ways to fix the recurring problem. The area is level with the Pawtuxet River, which makes it prone to flooding. McNamara says he's working to change that.

“We'll be speaking with city engineers and see if we can make some improvements,” he said.

That's music to Healy's ears, who's had just about enough of this monster pond getting in her way.

“As long as I get a way into work, without having to canoe it in, that works,” laughed Healy.