Volunteers search for missing fisherman

By Dana Griffin



LITTLE COMPTON, RI- It’s been four days of searching for missing fisherman, Adam Perry. The Coast Guard called off the search after devoting 18-hours last week.

Search volunteer, Deborah Lima said, “We need help. We can’t find him and there’s nobody helping but volunteers now.”

Today, his children went up in a helicopter to search. But, after an hour in the air- frustration for the siblings who saw no sign of their dad.

Adam’s daughter, Jamie Doyle said, “I was just looking for any spec of color that wasn’t the blue or gray of the rocks. Even the white caps on the water gave me hope at certain points.

Over 50 volunteers searched the shore line and the ocean.

“I’m an avid fisherman just like he is and I’m just trying to sacrifice my time so whatever I can to help,” said Adam’s friend, Mark Harmon.

After searching all day, friends and family are still holding onto hope that he could be found alive.

Adam Perry’s son, Adam said, “We appreciate everybody that’s out there. 50 people, that means are one hundred eyes. We’re not gonna stop.”

The search will continue Tuesday on East and West Island, an area that has not been searched. There is a cave on West Island.

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