Family Dogs Found Shot Execution Style in New Bedford

A Chihuahua and a Golden Retriever were found shot to death by a woman walking through the New Bedford Business Park. The owners of both dogs had reported their pets missing about a month ago.

Dr. Gerald Pietsch thought he'd seen it all. Pietsch, a veterinarian at The Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, pulled the bullets from the dogs.

“The brutality of it was just beyond what you can imagine,” said Pietsch.

In his 40 years as a veterinarian, he says he's never seen a more gruesome animal cruelty case.

“I've seen dogs that had been shot before but I've never seen dogs that it appeared they had been executed,”

Dr. Pietsch says both dogs had been shot from above and behind. According to New Bedford Animal Control, a woman was walking near the Aerovox plant when she saw the dogs.

Animal Control says the dogs had been reported missing a month ago.

Pietsch said, “When they were brought in, it was clear they had died recently, they had not died thirty days ago.”

The dogs were found February 13th, about 500 feet apart, and ten feet from the road. It's an area where many workers walk on their lunch breaks.

Marilou Newell walks with her co-workers often. She says, “That is repulsive, it's horrifying, it's kind of scary actually.”

Animal Control tells ABC 6 the environmental officer has stepped up patrols in the area, because of complaints of kids riding ATV's.

Newell says its quiet in the New Bedford Business Park during the day, but with the thick woods and seclusion, she can see why it can be different at night.

“Everyone knows that if you come up here at night it's probably a good area to do some evil deed like that, because your inconspicuous in the dark,” said Newell.

Dr. Pietsch says the case has scarred staff members, but there is hope in the brutal case.  Pietsch was able to pull a bullet from one of the dogs and he gave to investigators. He hopes that if anything, that bullet will help find the person responsible.

Pietsch said, “you can't get over the trauma of such a thing but you can take it and say how can I contribute?”

No one has been caught. The owners of the dogs have been notified, however their names are not being released.

The case has been handed over to The Massachusetts Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A state police investigator has been put on the case.

A thousand dollar reward is being offered to anyone with information. If you have any information you're asked to contact  MAPCA at (617) 541-5120.