Family of Fall River man injured in hit-and-run finds alleged vehicle involved, tips on driver through social media

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) – The family of a Fall River man who was injured in a hit-and-run on Friday night have taken matters into their own hands and used the power of social media to help find the alleged vehicle involved and the driver who was behind the wheel.

36-year-old Joshua Camara was hit by a driver around 8:30 p.m. Friday outside of his own home on Globe Street while he was standing outside of his car.

According to Fall River Police, a blue sedan hit Camara and then kept going.

“My father was going out to his car to take a picture of the VIN number because he was planning on selling the car when a car full of children and an older gentleman was driving in the driver’s seat, flew down the street and hit him. Not only did they hit him, they reversed over him,” said Diana Ferreira, Camara’s daughter.

Ferreira, 19, said a Good Samaritan by the name of Tyrone Pena pulled over to help her father who’s now at Rhode Island Hospital in critical but stable condition.

“It took a very heroic man to pull over and help my dad and hold his skull together. His head has over 500 stitches, it’s still not closed, he has over 18 stitches in the back of his leg, he has a broken nose, his mouth is full of stitches.”

The driver was going so fast, she said, her father’s clothes were ripped off. Blood and debris still litter the area of Globe Street where Camara was hit.

“It makes my blood boil every time I think about it. It’s not even the damage to the car, our car, it’s the fact that you left my uncle there for dead. A father of six. A birth father of three and an adopted father of three,” said Kaylee Smith, Camara’s niece.

Smith, 19, desperate to find the person behind the wheel, turned to social media. She posted about the accident in the Fall River Scanner Talk group on Facebook and received a flood of tips from neighbors.

Smith said some told her they saw the vehicle drop off children on nearby Sprague Street, another said she saw the driver drinking alcohol behind the wheel.

On Saturday, a family friend ended up finding a vehicle that matched the description of the blue sedan involved in the hit-and-run. A blue Mercedes was parked just two miles away, Smith said, in the area of Jencks St. and Alden St., with heavy front-end damage.

According to a press release, the Mercedes was towed into the Fall River Police Department and will be processed by Crime Scene Unit detectives.

Smith and Ferreira said they were on scene when the police arrived to seize the vehicle and said officers questioned a man. The women believe he’s the one responsible for injuring Camara, and are frustrated that police haven’t charged him.

“In my mind, I have no doubt that it’s him, just because of the fact that when we pulled up and saw him, he couldn’t even look my grandma in the eyes, you know, so to me he’s guilty of something,” Smith said. “Nobody wants to admit to what they’ve done, so to all of the people in the car that hit my uncle, I promise you justice will be served because our family does not sleep.”

Lieutenant Jay D. Huard from the Fall River Police Department said the investigation is ongoing and there is one possible suspect.

Any witnesses or anyone with any information regarding the incident are encouraged to contact the Fall River Police Department at (508) 676-8511 and/or Detective Dwaine Cabeceiras of the Major Crimes Division at (508) 324- 2796.

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