Family Pleads For Justice After 70-year-old Tiverton Man is Killed in Hit-and-Run

A grieving family is asking for help in finding the driver who hit their father and then drove off. Injuring him so badly, he later died. 70-year-old John Kieron was crossing Main Rd in Tiverton to get lottery tickets at the local convenience store when police say someone struck him with their car and fled.

The crash was heard by crews at the Tiverton Fire Department across the street, who immediately responded. They say someone else was there was that night in late November who said they saw everything.

It was November 23rd 2011, when 70-year-old John Kieron was taking his usual walk to buy lottery tickets at the liquor store, which meant crossing Main Rd, a stroll his daughter Tanya says was part of his routine.

“That was his daily outing to go to the store,” said Tanya Kieron.

Police say it was a little after five, when Kieron was struck by a car. The driver fled, leaving Kieron in the intersection. He was on life support for ten weeks, until February 1st, when doctors told family to let him pass.

At a press conference Friday, Kieron pled for the person responsible to come forward.

Kieron begged, “Please end our suffering too you know papa did not deserve to die like that to be left in the street.”

Police and family are also asking the woman who saw the accident to come forward.

Detective Brendan McKinnon of the Tiverton Police Department says a woman was at the scene of the accident and told firefighters she saw who hit Kieron.

“A witness did stop and talk to Tiverton rescue personnel,” said McKinnon.

The firefighter who spoke to the witness was Daniel Murphy. He remembers she was in her 20's and wore glasses. She told Murphy that she saw the car hit Kieron and drive into Fall River.

Murphy says, “next thing I know I'm working on him taking care of him and I don't know where she went.”

The only piece of evidence that was left at the scene was a passenger side mirror from what the witness described as a light colored four door sedan. Police called 75 auto body shops in the area looking for a vehicle that matched that description, but turned up nothing.

Kieron's family isn't giving up hope.

“In his honor just please come forward and end this for us please,” said Kieron.

Police believe that witness has information that can lead them to the driver who hit Kieron.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Tiverton Police.