Family Saved From Fire By Doorbell

A Providence family escaped an early-morning fire in their home Monday, and they credit their doorbell for alerting them to the danger.

David and Jahene Beal say they were fast asleep at 2am when they were awakened by the sound of their doorbell, which was unusual because their doorbell is broken.

After checking and finding nobody outside, they smelled smoke in the apartment, called 911, and waited outside as the Providence fire department found a small fire burning in the wall of their daughter's bedroom.

Firefighters gave them the good news and bad news: the good news was since their smoke alarm didn't go off, the doorbell had possibly saved their lives.  The bad news was that the broken doorbell likely rang because of a short in the wiring – probably the reason the fire started in the first place.

ABC6 Reporter Erin Logan has the story from Providence.

If you're interested in helping David, Jahene and their daughter recover from this fire, you can email the family at