Family who lost everything in house fire rebuilds with community’s help

A Warwick family who lost their home in a fire nearly two years ago is finally able to rebuild.
Warwick Fire
Warwick home
Contractors work on home destroyed by fire

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) – A Warwick family who lost their home in a fire nearly two years ago is finally able to rebuild.

The Boronski family’s home on Huron Street caught fire in August 2018. The fire started in the attic and woke the family up.

“At 4:00 in the morning, a horrendous sound came and the ceiling collapsed,” said Eric Boronski.

He, his wife, and his daughter had to run through flames to get out of the house.

“There was smoke and fire everywhere,” recalled Boronski.

After the fire, a contractor reached out to the family and offered to fix the house. But after a year, barely any work was done on the house. That’s when the Boronski’s realized the contractor scammed them.

“He did nothing! He gutted the house, that’s all he did,” said Boronski.

They lost more than $70,000 in the scam.

“All the money went into his pocket,” said Boronski. The family is now suing the contract in civil court.

With bills piling up, the Boronski’s were afraid they were going to lose their home. Until another group of reputable contractors stepped forward.

“These people are just a Godsend,” said Boronski.

This new group of contractors doesn’t want any publicity and wishes to remain anonymous. They’re donating all of their labor. The Boronski’s just have to buy the materials.

“Saturday and Sunday they put a new roof on our house,” Boronski said.

The contractors want to have the family back in their home in April.

“We’re going to actually get our house back,” he said.

The family is still cash strapped when it comes to purchasing materials and is asking for donations through their GoFundMe.

Friends are hosting a fundraiser for the Boronski family on Saturday, Apr. 4 at Evolutionary Sports in West Warwick.

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