Family’s yard in Coventry completely flooded from Christmas Day storm

Friday's heavy rain caused flooding all over the state of Rhode Island. It completely drowned one family's yard in Coventry.

COVENTRY, R.I. (WLNE) – Friday’s heavy rain caused flooding all over the state of Rhode Island. It completely drowned one family’s yard in Coventry.

“The water was all the way up to the stairs,” said resident Philip D’Ambra.

The pond nearby their home on West Lake Drive overflowed into their yard. They say it’s been an ongoing issue that’s only gotten worse for the last few years. Friday they were left with feet of water on their front lawn, all the way up to their front door.

“Fortunately everybody’s healthy, and it’s Christmas, and we’re blessed,” said D’Ambra. “But to deal with this aggravation and never know – like this morning the water was so bad, I didn’t know if it was going to come into the house, come up on to the porch.”

D’Ambra says the Town of Coventry is well aware of the issue. He says years ago they were awarded a grant to replace the culverts that would help drain the water, but have yet to do so.

“Every year they’re supposed to come and mitigate and clean out the drains and check to see if this is working properly, and also fix the problem,” said D’Ambra. “But we never get a resolution to it.”

He says he called Coventry Police Friday morning when he noticed how bad the flooding was. They spoke with the Public Works Department, but D’Ambra says they never sent anyone out.

In the meantime, his family’s yard is getting washed away, and his garage and shed, which are being filled with water from the pond, are also filled with valuables that he says are likely ruined.

“This property as well as some of the properties around us, is getting damaged. And we don’t have any help,” said D’Ambra.

D’ambra estimates it could take days to drain.

ABC 6 reached out to Coventry Public Works for comment, but has not yet heard back.

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