Fast food application leads police to suspected thief

by James Swierzbin

Somerset Police say a suspected thief was undone by his own stupidity.

Two cousins were on a crime spree for 72-hours, breaking into more than 20-cars in Somerset, before they got caught.

One of the cousins, 20-year old Nathan Heron, got caught by police using surveillance video and some detective work, after he used a stolen credit card at a Fall River store.

But Heron's cousin, 20-year old Dylan Pollitt, got caught in a really unconventional way.

“He had left his Taco Bell job application behind at one of the scenes.” said Somerset Police Chief Joseph Ferreira.

Chief Ferreira said that Pollitt's application somehow ended up in a stolen briefcase, that the two criminal cousins had discarded, in their travels.

The mistake got Pollitt an interview with police, instead of one to make chalupas.

“It's not the first time that I've seen stupidity turn up, but it's the first time I've seen a job application left at a crime scene, yes.” said Chief Ferreira.

Heron was released after posting his 300-dollar bail, while Pollitt, remains behind bars.