Hit and run driver kills a man riding his bike

By News Staff


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A man riding his bike in Middleboro was killed Friday night by a hit and run driver.

The incident happened on Wood Street. 58-year old Michael Dutra of Taunton was hit from behind by a car which took off before police arrived.

“We are devastated.  He is never gonna be there again.  He won't walk me down the aisle, see my sister graduate,” said Michelle Dutra.

Dutra was on his way home from a nearby Hannaford when a car hit him and drove away.

“I know it's an accident, but you hit our Dad then you drove away.  It's not fair, it's not right, it's not how it's supposed to happen,” said Shannon Dutra.

Dutra's daughters say their Dad had fought back from illness and received a liver transplant in 1991.  They say it saved his life and because of it he changed professions becoming a nurse to help others.

“We worked so hard to keep him healthy so he can be here with us and enjoy these milestones as a family.  He's not here that's not fair.  I don't understand how someone can live with themselves like this after doing this to us,” said Michelle Dutra.

Investigators are now looking for the light colored SUV that hit him.

Anyone with information is urged to call investigators at 508-923-4636.