Fate of Central Coventry Fire District still unclear

News Staff, 


Monday night state and local officials met behind closed doors for a third time to try and come up with a plan for the bankrupt Central Coventry Fire District.

The department was ordered to liquidate by May 16th.  Officials need to come up with a plan for emergency services for the district.  However, no plan was agreed upon following Monday's meeting.

Instead, the majority of the state officials who represent the district are hoping a bill in the General Assembly to extend the Fiscal Stability Act to fire districts will create a Budget Commission to oversee the district. They're hoping the commission will determine a long term solution for providing fire protection services.

“Hopefully there is going to be some sort of success being a voice for the tax payer in a hole and hopefully find a solution to the Central Fire Coventry District because liquidation is not a solution right now, it could jeopardize the public safety of the Central Coventry Fire District and the community as a whole,” said State Sen. Raptakis.

Rep. Patricia Morgan is not in favor of the Budget Commission.  She would like to see a new fire district created.

“Once again the people aren't listened too because they voted five times for a new model and lower taxes so they are ignoring the people they know this is going to result in higher taxes for those same people,” said Rep. Morgan.

Governor Chafee stopped by Monday's meeting to provide his support to the process.

The closed door meeting comes several days after the Central Coventry Fire District Firefighters Union filed an appeal to the judges decision ordering them to liquidate their assets.