Fentanyl health crisis in RI

By Liz Tufts


A health crisis in Rhode Island as the growing number of drug overdoses tied to Fentanyl. The warning comes just as the Governor unveils what she calls her plan of action to deal with the drug epidemic. 

Heroin entered Deborah Parente’s son’s life five years ago. Sadly, Peter Angelone lost his life to it.  He was 28 years old.   “If people don’t think it can enter their home, they are sadly mistaken” said Deborah. “He worked 50 hours a week and was well educated”.

Now this Cranston mother is on a mission to help the state prevent any more deaths to drug overdoses.  She’s part of Governor’s Raimondo’s drug task force. The Governor unveiled the state’s "action plan” on Wednesday, aimed at putting an end to overdose deaths.

Numbers released by the Department of Health show the drug could have been involved in 60% of overdose deaths since March, compared to roughly 47% in all of last year.

For Deborah, she knows help was too late for her son. She’s now focused on keeping his memory alive and helping to save other lives in the healing process.

The Governor is now calling on the General Assembly to approve a 4-million dollar funding proposal which will give more access to recovery and treatment programs.

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