Fight at Middle School Sends One To Hospital, Another Arrested

The days of getting sent to the principal's office for bad behavior may be over. A sixth grade student was put in handcuffs and another sent to the hospital after a fight at a school basketball game.

In the past, a fight at school would result to a call home to parents, but after extreme violence in schools like Columbine and Virginia Tech, school officials and police have become ever so sensitive.

A fight between two sixth graders at Beckwith Middle School sent one to the hospital and put the other in the back of a cop car.

Parents like Richard Cook say the scuffle is being blown out of proportion.

He says, “two girls got in a fight at Beckwith Middle School and one girl stabbed the other in the neck.”

Cook says a girl stabbed another student with a pencil. Cook's daughter goes to the local high school where word of what happened spread.

Cook says things were much different when he went to school. He said, “I went to a private catholic school so the nuns would grab you probably give you a little wack on the hand with a ruler send you home for the day and talk to your parents.”

Police and school officials will not confirm exactly what happened, but say appropriate action was taken.

Lt. James Trombetta of The Rehoboth Police Department agrees times have changed since he was in grade school.

“It's not like it was years ago where a fist fight in the school yard was dealt with in the principals office,” he said.

Trombetta says, “you know we have kids unfortunately now that are bringing knives and guns and weapons to school. Its just come to the point where any violence in the school has to be dealt with and it has to be dealt with swiftly and that's what were doing in this instance.”

The student that was sent to the hospital was released without injury and the investigation with the arrest is still ongoing.

A letter was sent to parents on Tuesday, informing them of the incident and the ongoing investigation. Sources tell us this isn't the first time the sixth grader has been in trouble and she has been suspended from school.

She will go through the juvenile justice system, where she may receive couseling.