Final push for votes Sunday

 By Mike LaCrosse

Voters on Tuesday will select the Democratic and Republican nominees for governor, as well as choose nominees for all the general offices and several General Assembly and local races.

Democrats Gina Raimondo, Clay Pell and Angel Taveras are in a heated contest for the Democratic nomination, while Republicans Allan Fung and Ken Block want their party’s nomination.

All five candidates were all on the campaign trail Sunday.

“First of all no sleep that’s one thing, so we just focus on everything we can to make sure people come out and vote Tuesday,” said Angel Taveras.

“Today I’ve been to four churches.  Yesterday I was at a dozen senior centers.  You get out and you shake as many hands as you can and you deliver the same message, which is it’s time to get Rhode Island back to work,” said Gina Raimondo.

“I’ve visited every single city and town in the state of Rhode Island.  I think we need a governor who is gonna be a governor for the whole state,” said Clay Pell.

“We’re shaking hands, kissing babies, running all over the state,” said Ken Block.

“We’ve been getting a good positive reaction and that’s gonna translate on Tuesday.  So I am just gonna continue my get the vote effort and meet as many people as I can,” said Allan Fung.

The five candidates had spent nearly $13 million on the race as of Sept. 1. It’s expected to be the most expensive gubernatorial race in state history.

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