Final SunSmarts event of the summer

By: Chelsea Priest

The overcast morning at Second Beach in Middletown didn’t stop people from coming to the shore, and lining up for free skin cancer screenings.

Sarah Rundquist is a lifeguard at the beach and decided to get checked out today. She said, “I think it’s a really great event because people need to be more informed about skin cancer, and we all are very guilty of worshipping the sun because it makes us feel good.”

The final SunSmarts event of the summer brought the total to over 350 people checked out by University Dermatology doctors. Courtney Thomas was visiting from Boston, she also got checked out and explained, “a lot of people are taking advantage, it’s a great awareness tool. It’s something you can put off, I’m usually pretty good about it but this is great back up to kind of make yourself do it.”

The free exams only take about 5 minutes. If the doctors saw anything suspicious they would recommend a follow up visit.

The four events this summer have been very well received, but now that the summer is winding down the doctors recommend still staying sun smart. Dr. Nicole Grenier of University Dermatology said, “if there is anything at all you are concerned about, we definitely have tons of skin cancers diagnosed every single year. Last year, in my office alone I saw somewhere over 20 melanomas which is the deadliest form of skin cancer, many young girls from tanning.”

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