Finding Larry: woman thanks man who helped save her life

PROVIDNECE, R.I. (WLNE) — Ashlee Choquette cried tears of gratitude Sunday as she finally thanked the man she says helped her after a freak accident.

“I definitely believe in miracles,” the Providence woman said.

Choquette had just taken her kids out of the car Monday when it started rolling down the hill, running over her and smashing into a telephone pole. Larry Gist was down the street, heard the bang and the kids screaming, and rushed over to help.

“I could tell something was really, really wrong with her, because she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move,” Gist said. “The kids were crying.”

He instructed someone nearby to call 9-1-1 while he held on to Choquette, comforting her, telling her his name is Larry — which also happens to be her father’s name. Monday also happened to be what would have been her grandmother’s 101st birthday.

Choquette says her grandmother was watching over her, and sent an angel.

“He was here for a reason,” she said. “He was in this area because something was going to happen…and she knew it.”

The ambulance arrived, but in the commotion they weren’t able to get Larry’s full name or information.

Choquette’s interview with ABC6 generated an outpouring of community support, helping to find Larry.

“I go to my Facebook page and it’s flooded with a lot of messages,” Gist said. “They were looking for me.”

Now, they’ve found each other, and found hope.

“To see her right now, it’s like, I’m glad she’s gonna be okay,” Gist said. “It touched my heart. I never thought I’d be the one to run into a situation like that. For me to do that for someone and for someone to be grateful for it, just goes to show you what this world is made of.”

“Everybody deserves to know there are still good people out there,” Choquette said. “Especially with the way the world is right now, there’s so much hate. You could be somebody’s hero one day, you never know.”

Choquette and Gist say they plan to stay in touch regularly.

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