Fire at Sterry Street Towing in Attleboro destroys nearly 50 cars

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) — The fire broke out just after 5pm on Friday afternoon at Sterry Street Towing, a towing company in Attleboro, right on the state line. 

Fire crews telling ABC 6 News it started in a camper and spread quickly to about 40 other cars in the yard. 

“Sterry Street Towing is a pretty large towing company in this area, and they have multiple wrecked vehicles parked back there. Originally two campers were heavily involved in fire,” Dave Cairrao, the Pawtucket battalion chief said. 

Those who live in a nearby neighborhood said it was a frightening scene. 

“Pretty much just seen that there was an RV that was on fire,” neighbors told ABC 6 News. 

“The fire started over here in a trailer and it just exploded. It was the scariest thing ever,” Paige Sherlock, who lives across the street, added. 

Though the initial spark started in a camper, the fire quickly pushed into the backyards of homes on Weldon Street in Pawtucket, incinerating four sheds, and destroying backyard fencing. 

“That was my main concern was that the wind was pushing the fire into these homes, being such a far distance from our other companies, it took us a while to get a company here for water supply. Thankfully, our new engine that we have is 1000 gallons of water so that helped us hold the fire in check until we could get more help,” Cairrao said. 

“It sounded like fireworks, so we immediately called 911,” Sherlock added. 

Chief Cairrao said although Sterry Street Towing has always been a safe spot, the weather conditions, and amount of wrecked cars in the yard helped fueled this fire. 

“Anytime you have cars like that, you got a fire going, and then it just goes from one car to the next,” he said. 

Cairrao reported that no one was hurt, and no homes were damaged in the fire. 

The cause is still under investigation at this time. 

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