Fire officials offer safety tips ahead of dry weather

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) — Fire officials are warning the public to be cautious when burning fires outside.

The North Attleboro Fire Chief said they’re anticipating a busy season after a large brushfire on Sunday, April 9.

Due to the lack of snow this past winter, the ground is very dry, which is the perfect scenario for brush fires.

As New Englanders head into this warm and dry week, Chief Chris Coleman said it’s important to be extra cautious.

“People have fire pits in their backyards all the time, just make sure that they’re a safe distant from buildings, keep them small, keep them to cooking fires,” said Chief Coleman.

“When you’re burning with a permit, make sure you’re burning at least 75 feet from any building, make sure you have a hose nearby, and make sure you’re able to call 911 quickly,” he continued.

In Massachusetts, residents can burn legally with a permit from January 15th to May first — but Coleman is anticipating a warning with the next couple of days.

“It’s going to be a very dry week, so everyone needs to be aware that there is probably going to be a red-flag warning, so at that point in time, we’re going to put a stop to outdoor burning for the time frame of that warning,” said Coleman.

It’s also predicted to be a very dry summer, and Coleman noted that putting out brushfires is no easy task, especially since Sunday’s brush fire was over 1000 ft. into the woods.

“We had access issues, getting hose lines out to the fire, and the fire was progressing towards Old Post Road,” Coleman explained.

In fact, eleven different communities came in to help put it out, the last two hot-spots were put out this afternoon.

“Just be cautious with your outdoor fire and make sure your using them as a cooking fire,” said Coleman.

The cause of Sunday’s fire is still under investigation, but Coleman said children have been known in the past to hang out in that area of the woods.

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