Fire weather concerns for Friday


Today we have dry and windy conditions with wind gusts up to 20-25 mph during the mid-afternoon. The National Weather Service has issued a Fire Weather Warning in effect from 12n to 8pm due to the heavy winds, and dry, low relative humidity levels- this warning does not include the cape islands.  Please use caution when burning as it’s easy to start a fire and spread quickly.

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Cold front moves through tonight  keeping us a little cooler Saturday and Sunday.

Today Set Up

With the rising temperatures the allergies are also on the rise. Poplar, alder, and juniper are our biggest triggers for the day. When the index reaches the low to medium range that’s when allergy sufferers feel the tickle in their throat, congestion, sneezing, and even asthmatic symptoms.

Pollen Forecast

Our average temperature for this time of year is 56 degree and we will be trending about 10-15 degree above average by the tie we head into next week and towards next weekend. Temps Outlook 6 10 Days

TODAY: Cloudy. High upper 50’s.

TONIGHT: Cloudy. Low 31.

TOMORROW: Mostly cloudy. High 50

SUNDAY:   High 53.

MONDAY: Warming up. South wind 5-10mph. High 61.

TUESDAY: S wind 10-15mph. High 68.


THURSDAY: High 75.

FRIDAY: High 78.


Meteorologist Skylar Spinler


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