Fire officials anticipate ‘days’ before hot spots in Burrillville are completely knocked

Crews anticipate they will be out there for days monitoring hot spots with no rain in the upcoming forecast.

BURRILLVILLE, R.I. (WLNE) — Fire officials said it’s going to take ‘days’ before hotspots in the Burrillville brush fire that broke out Friday are totally under control.

According to Fire Chief Michael Gingell, the fire broke out in the wooded area along Black Hut Road around 5 p.m. Thursday by an unattended camp fire.

“The breeze, the wind and the heat have made a perfect storm,” Chief Michael Gingell with Harrisville Fire Department said.

This fire was spotted from a fire tower in Mendon, Massachusetts over 15 miles away. Rhode Island has 11 fire towers still standing, but none are actively manned.

“Thankfully Rhode Island is small, most of these fires don’t go undetected for too long and we are able to find them… we don’t have the staff to staff the towers,” Ben Arnold, a forest ranger, told ABC6.

Crews were on scene until 1:30 a.m. and came back early the next morning, digging holes into the ground and watering them to battle hotspots- that burned so deep into the ground with the severe drought conditions.

Now fire officials say they believe the fire burned an area at least 4 acres- double than what they first said Thursday.

There were no injuries reported and no structures were damaged, but the cleanup is expected to take a couple of days as hotspots still flare up.

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