Fired teacher arrested for making threats, gun seized from home

Photo from Gillheeney's Twitter account

Dee DeQuattro

A fired Coventry teacher was arrested on Thursday night after he made “threatening” and “disturbing” tweets to Coventry School Officials.

Todd Gillheeney, was arrested on Friday morning at approximately 2:00 a.m. after Coventry Police Officers executed a search warrant of his home uncovering a Stag Arms AR-15 rifle, several magazines, over 400 rounds of ammo, and assorted computer and phone electronic devices.

Gillheeney was arrested and charged will threats to public officials, cyber stalking and cyber harassment, and making crank or obscene phone calls.

Police were alerted to the situation after the tweets were reported to the school resource officer. Gillheeney was a math teacher terminated from Coventry High School on Tuesday and he had previously been out on administrative leave.