Fired Workers File Class Action Suit Against Cox Communications

 By Matt Blanchette

twitter: @mattblanchette

Five former local service installers are suing Cox Communications and M & M Communications for failure to pay wages an unfair labor practices. Surrounded by members of local workers unions attorney, Richard Sinapi announced the suit at the Rhode Island State House.

He says the workers were told to work extra hours without recording overtime and were paid as independent contractors while being taxed as regular employees.

“If you had a choice between feeding your family and not what would you choose?” Sinapi said, “You would choose to feed your family, suck up the exploitation because at least you are making a paycheck.

  A similar suit was brought against Cox and M & M in Connecticut in 2008 and was settled out of court. The plaintiffs are asking for back pay, damages and attorney fees.

  “You could call this lawsuit ‘The Middle Class Fights Back’ because it seeks to strike a blow against unlawful employment practices that have been diminishing the wages of workers for years, and have become widespread since the Great Recession.”  “Employers who cheat workers of their hard earned wages not only harm the workers and their families, but also deprive the state of payroll and income taxes as well as sales tax revenues due to the diminished purchasing power of middle class families,” said Sinapi.