Firefighters offer 14 tips for water safety this summer

NORTON, Mass. (WLNE) — The Norton Fire Department is reminding residents to act safely and responsibly when visiting lakes, ponds and other bodies of water this summer.

According to the American Red Cross, 10 people die every day from unintentional drowning. On average, they said two of those deaths are children under the age of 14.

To help keep residents safe, the department shared the following water-safety tips:

  1. Always wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket when boating or fishing, even if you don’t plan to get in the water
  2. Children under the age of 12 should always wear a life jacket in a body of water
  3. Be a competent swimmer with the ability to handle oneself underwater, moving water, surf or current
  4. Keep a lookout for hazards and avoid them. Watch for fog, especially on coastal waters
  5. Know your physical limitations
  6. Group members should constantly monitor the behavior of others in their group
  7. Never leave children unattended while they are near or in a body of water
  8. Never swim alone; swim with lifeguards or water watchers present
  9. If a child is missing, always check the body of water that they were near or swimming in first
  10. Understand for unique risks of the water environments like river currents, ocean rip current and underwater hazards
  11. Don’t use alcohol or drugs before or during swimming or diving, or while supervising swimmers
  12. Recognize the signs of someone in trouble and shout for help. A swimmer needs immediate help if they:
    • Are not making forward progress in the water
    • Are vertical in the water but unable to move or tread water
    • Are motionless and face down in the water
  13. If someone is drowning or experiencing an emergency in the water:
    • Rescue and remove the person from the water (without putting yourself in danger)
    • Ask someone to call 911
    • Begin CPR and use an AED if available
  14. Take a CPR course for adults and children to be prepared for an emergency and practice the skills regularly
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