Firework dangers as 4th of July approaches

By: Chelsea Priest

Fireworks and The 4th of July go hand in hand but if you aren't cautious, a holiday celebration could turn into a disaster.

All fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts but about two years ago ground-based display fireworks became legal in Rhode Island for anyone over the age of 16. Since then Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal, Richard James says there have been multiple injuries. “We've had several people injured over the years from holding them in their hands. You don't hold a fountain in your hands.”

Children are especially at risk around active firework displays. Sparklers can be found at almost every 4th of July party but can reach temperatures over 1200°. Any children using the sparklers would need to be carefully supervised. James says, “they are so hot, sometimes, kids are in their bare feet, they throw them and another kids steps on them.”

James also has some tips if you are planning on lighting your own fireworks. “Make sure you have a large enough area to display them in, stay away from close proximity to homes, or if you're having a party and there are tents there, they can ignite and it can be a major, major incident.”