First in Trio of Suspects in Foxboro Murder Convicted

The first of three co-defendants in a Foxboro killing was found guilty today of first degree murder for the 2007 shooting of Carlos Gomes.

A Norfolk Superior Court Jury deliberated for about 4 hours before convicting Ariel Morales, DOB 10-26-1975 , of Central Falls , RI , in the murder of Carlos Gomes. The verdict was read about 4 p.m.

The jury heard evidence that Morales and two co-defendants were out driving with a drug associate, Carlos Gomes. At some point in the night of October 14 into October 15, Gomes got out of the car on Green Street in Foxboro near where it passes under Rte. 95. He was shot several times and left in the eastbound lane of Green Street to die of his injuries, according to testimony. A passerby dialed 911 to report his body in the street about 1 a.m.

“Carlos Gomes was just 29 when he was shot and left to die in the street,” District Attorney William R. Keating said. “He was shot multiple times at close range. This was an awful way to die and I applaud the jury's verdict.” Keating said the jury returned the verdict of first degree murder based both on extreme atrocity and premeditation. He was also found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

District Attorney Keating praised the Massachusetts State Police homicide detectives attached to his office and Foxboro police who solved the murder with the help of the Central Falls and Pawtucket Police. “This was an excellent example of law enforcement across jurisdictions working together,” Keating said. All three co-defendants and the victim were all from Rhode Island .

The statutory sentence for first degree murder in Massachusetts is live in prison with no parole, District Attorney Keating said. Sentencing is set for tomorrow morning (July 14) at 9 a.m. in Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham, Keating said.

Morales' co-defendants are Luis Lopez (DOB 12-09-83 ) of Central Falls , RI and Jose Perez (DOB 6-6-78)  of Pawtucket , RI. Both men have pled not guilty and enjoy the Constitutional presumption of guilt.  Perez is the next one set to be tried. That trial date is set for Oct. 1, 2010 Keating said.