First micro-pig license in Rhode Island

Nicole Gerber


HOPKINTON – Move over Fido… there's a new Man's Best Friend in town.

Rhode Island has just given out the first license to breed and sell micro–pigs, and now that they're here… our state laws will see some changes.

“Micro pigs are extremely affectionate, they love you, they want your undivided attention all the time,” said Victor Kinoian, owner of My Pet Piggy – the licensed business out of Hopkinton.

Like your more common dogs and cats, the micro pigs can be trained to go for walks, use a litter box, and even do tricks.

The fact that the license has been given out and the mini-swine have become domestic animals in Rhode Island means changes in state laws.

“Basically they said we have these laws from 1932 and these are the guidelines that you fall in which is a licensed livestock dealer… and there will be rules and regulations that we'll mold around your business,” said Kinoian.

“Unfortunately our statutes haven't kept pace with the pet trade industry so we see these things happen from time to time. People are looking for what they consider a common pet but we have to figure out where they fit in statutorily,” said Scott Marshall, RI State Veterinarian.

The DEM also predicts changes coming to ordinances in cities and towns that may also apply to livestock or pigs.

The RISPCA warns anyone interested should do their homework… micro pigs can grow to be between 20 and 40 pounds.

But victor says no matter the size… the bond is worth it.

“It's tough to treat them like a dog or a cat because they're so close to you. And so you got to teach them like a kid,” he said.

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