First responders conduct mock train accident rescue in Freetown

FREETOWN, Mass. (WLNE) — A multi-community training drill took place in Freetown Thursday morning.

Ahead of the planned launch of South Coast Rail MBTA service in southeastern Massachusetts by the end of 2023, rescue crews from five communities gathered to undergo a mock emergency rescue.

Crews from Freetown, Lakeville, Berkley, Rochester, and Fall River were part of the group that received a training 911 call for a train that had been involved in an accident and there were several people injured and trapped.

First responders arrived on the scene and immediately started working to free the passengers and treat any of the injured people.

The coordinated effort ran through several scenarios that included treating people with minor injuries all the way to serious injuries. As well as working on freeing people trapped in a car that collided with the train in the drill.

Thursday’s training session gave the crews hands-on training on what to do if an emergency like this were to arise in the future.

With no current rail services, like the MBTA, operating in Bristol County, there has been no such need for such training until now. Getting all first responders accustomed and prepared for what to do in these scenarios is vital, said Freetown Fire Chief Harrie Ashley.

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