First responders endangered by multiple Move Over Law violations within several hours, emergency officials say

LAKEVILLE, Mass. (WLNE) — There were multiple near misses and crashes, with drivers accused of ignoring the Move Over Law and endangering the lives of multiple first responders, within several hours in Southern New England this past weekend. 

According to Lakeville Deputy Fire Chief Pam Garant, a driver nearly slammed into their fire truck minutes after another driver almost hit one of their SUVs at a car fire on the side of Route 140 late Saturday night. 

“They tried to navigate around the accident at a high-rate of speed and almost collided with a $500,000 vehicle,” Garant said. “So, two near misses, one night. Very dangerous time on the highway for Lakeville fire.”  

Just hours later in Sharon, early Sunday morning, a 31-year-old ended up facing drinking and driving charges. They were accused of slamming into a police cruiser on the side of Interstate 95 with three of his passengers also ending up in the hospital. 

The state trooper at the scene walked away without getting hurt.  

On average, every year about 23 emergency responders are killed by drivers ignoring the move over law, according to AAA. 

Rhode Island State Police told ABC 6 News that 113 citations were handed out in 2021 for move over violations between Jan. 1 and April 24. In 2022, for that same time period, 339 citations were handed out to drivers. 

ABC 6 requested the violation numbers from Massachusetts State Police, but there was no response as of news time.   

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