Fishy smell on Fisher Road in Dartmouth

 By: Liz Tufts

Something’s fishy on Fisher road in Dartmouth.

A foul smell has been lingering through that neighborhood for months and now residents want to know why.

On warm fall days like today, David Alfonso spends most of his time sitting on the front porch of his home in Dartmouth, but when the wind starts blowing, the fishy smell on Fisher road gets worse. “On a good day or a bad day or whatever you want to call it gets very. Very strong pungent order of fish.

And it’s not because it’s trash day in town, nor is it wafting from these sewer drains…

The state Department of Environmental Protection sent crews to Fisher road last week, to try and track down the culprit. Their investigation led them to a home a few doors down from alfonso. “It’s fish, fish guts it’s what they cut off the fish that they are going to sell a lot of lobster men use it, I think this guy collects it for the heck of it, “ says Alfonso.

State officials tell ABC they’re investigating whether that’s true. Either way, People like Alfonso hope they find out fast.