Flash flooding submerges RI streets

By: Alexandra Cowley


 Drivers on Elmwood Avenue were met by a river in Providence Thursday morning.

“Its ridiculous, It's truly ridiculous,” Scott Marshall has seen his street turn into a river one too
many times. He's even installed barricades to prevent the water from
crashing onto his lawn and into his basement.

 Marshall says, “I have four by fours about this high and when the cars
go by it pulls the mulch right out of my garden and goes right into my cellar,
it makes a wave and just splashes all in here.”

Every time it rains, it pours onto Marshall's property.

“I just want something done, that's all, I mean I'm a
taxpayer 17 years, 17 years I own my house, so I think I deserve just a little,
just asking for a little help,” Marshall pleaded.

Spooner Street in Providence is just one of many streets plagued by flooding. Reservoir Avenue lives up to its name. 

Providence City Councilman Wilbur Jennings gets it, he
worked in the Providence Public Works department for 28 years and says resources are much
more limited today.

“Whatever I have to do I'm going to do because people
are fed up and I don't blame them,” Jennings said.


“Now they're limited with man power, they're limited
with equipment, I know that's no excuse but you know it is what it is,” said Jennings.

The city did show up to clear some debris from the sewers
and the water did recede, but Marshall says the fix is temporary, and is ready
for the river to rise the next time it rains.

“It only rained for what a half an hour an hour when I
get good downpours and if it rains for two or three days in a row, forget about
it, ” Marshall said.