Flat topped car ports causing concern with heavy snow

By: Chelsea Priest


All the snow now melting, topped with rain is causing concern for those with flat roofed homes or carports. Instead of just waiting for the snow to melt, there are some ways to ease the weight on your roofs.

With the snow melting, it doesn't just run down the drain for people with carports. It sits and stays until it's cleared away.

Pamela Howell has lived in her Pawtucket home for over 20 years. The carport has been there since she moved in and besides some minor repairs, she has never had any concerns. She said, “We just had the roof fixed a little bit, because it needed to and that's about it really, its been pretty sturdy ever since then.”

But for those who are concerned with the weight of the snow, there is a tool you can use to remove it all. Wendy Clark works at Adler's Hardware on Wickenden St. in Providence. She explains, “This is our roof rake and it's to get ice dams or any excess snow off of your roof.”

The roof rakes have been a popular get this year, Benny's is already sold out. Wendy said, “You don't think about your roof, that's not the main thing that people think about especially this winter, a lot of roofs have been collapsing.”

The rakes are available at most local hardware stores.

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