Focus on Youth as Rhode Island Celebrates Martin Luther King Holiday

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It was a picture perfect day for students at the Segue Institute for Learning in Central Falls.

Sprucing up their school with inspirational murals dedicated to Rev. Martin Luther King, Junior.

“I think that he would be very proud of us, working together and helping our community out,” said Hector Andaluz, a Segue Institute student.

Famed actress and Central Falls native – Viola Davis – donated 15 hundred dollars so kids could paint these murals.

“Many years ago it was decided that Martin Luther King Jr. Day would become a day of community service where people did things 0 help improve their communities,” said ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis.

Teachers didn’t want it to be just another day off from school.

“It’s very important to carry on the legacy of Dr. King, because there is so much more work still to be done,” said Segue teacher Victor Terry.

In Woonsocket, community members gathered at a small park dedicated to Dr. King, where they prayed, inspired and remembered.

“More than anything he was a man of action. He spoke about equality and justice and opportunity,” said Rep. David Cicilline, (D) Rhode Island.

The park features different colored silhouettes; a tribute to diversity.

Many people brought their young children to learn,

“Be able to carry that same lesson that he learned on with his kids and his grand kids and everybody else,” said Geraldine Barclay-King, of Woonsocket.

“Because he was a great person,” said her son C.J.

Her six year old son C,J., is already seeking the dream, that so many here came to celebrate.