Foe to Friend: Block endorses Fung for Governor

By: Dee DeQuattro


Twitter: @deedequattro

After a divisive Republican primary Ken Block and Cranston Mayor Allan Fung will hold a joint press conference on Monday at the State House.

During the news conference Block is expected to endorse his former primary opponent Allan Fung.

“We are just ending four years of a Democratic governorship and I ask you to look at how well that has worked out for the state of Rhode Island,” said Block. Block said it is important that the next governor has “the right ideas and the right mind set” and that is why he is throwing his support behind Cranston Mayor Allan Fung.

Block said he will offer Fung whatever support he needs to become the next governor. Block said that while his race against Allan Fung has been “spirited” he is now prepared to help Fung advance Republican ideals and get elected the next governor of Rhode Island.

“If Allan asked me to go knocking on doors, I would go knocking on doors,” said Block.

The primary had the Rhode Island Republican Party divided as the race was particularly contentious and the two candidates exchanged jabs repeatedly. Fung won the Republican Primary by 10% of the vote.

When asked about the third party candidate, Moderate Bob Healey, Block said unequivocally that “third parties do not work.” He said he doesn’t regret starting the Moderate Party because at the time he believed that would help bring about change for Rhode Island.

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