Food truck operators want Cranston restrictive law changed

 By Dana Griffin

CRANSTON, RI- Food truck owners are fighting back after the Cranston City Council took away their ability to sell food near restaurants.

There's now a proposal to repeal that law so Cranston can bring in more business, rather than scare it away.

Jeff Schles operates a food truck in Providence. He'd like to operate in Cranston, but he can't because of a restrictive law that hinders his business.

“It's kind of an unfair law. Food trucks are the same things as a restaurant. We serve food just like they do,” said Schles.

The law prohibits food trucks from operating within 1–thousand feet of a restaurant.

Schles said, “Seems like some of the members of the council or whoever's making the rules there are just being selective on who they want to operate in their city.”

City council members approved the law last month; allegedly because of a restaurant complaint.

The founder of Food Trucks In, Eric Weiner said, “Can you imagine Subway being told they can't open the doors on the same street as the Dunkin Donuts? It really isn't supporting capitalism and the American dream the way we know it.”

City councilman Don Botts proposed to repeal or change the law to help accommodate everyone. He's in Boston, learning ways the city operates its food trucks, hoping to bring some changes to Cranston.

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