Footprints and helpful neighbors help solve Westport housebreak

 By News Staff

Police in Westport say alert neighbors – and footprints – helped them catch a housebreak suspect.

On Monday morning, police received a report of a housebreak on Briggs Road. The caller said he saw the male suspect take off with a laptop, and was able to record the license plate from the suspect’s vehicle.

Investigators on-scene found footprints in the snow which led to a stairway up to an apartment door, which had been kicked in.

After gathering evidence and running the license plate, police were able to track down the suspect, 47-year-old Jarrod Browne, and found he was wearing shoes that matched the footprints they had tracked. They also saw a laptop in his vehicle. 

Police were able to recover the stolen laptop and charged Browne with breaking and entering during the daytime to commit a felony, malicious damage to personal property, and larceny over $250.  Browne was held on a $3,000 cash bail.

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