For Hannah Cyr: West Warwick Wins Division II Volleyball Title In Honor Of Teammate Gone Too Soon

In November of 2019, the West Warwick girl’s volleyball team stood on the same floor they did Saturday.

The Murray Center. Rhode Island College. The division championship match.

In ’19, they stood there with Hannah Cyr.

“She was the heart and soul of the team,” said West Warwick senior outside hitter Kalen Greenhalgh.

The 2019 Wizards lost in the championship to the East Greenwich. It went the distance, five sets. Five points separated the Wizards and Avengers.

You could describe it as a heartbreaking loss, but that would be without perspective.

Just over one year later, heartbreak would take on new meaning.

Hannah Cyr died suddenly in December of 2020. She was only 19 years old.

“In her days at West Warwick High School,” her obituary reads, “she was active on several sports teams and was a captain of the division champion volleyball team in 2020, cultivating many timeless friendships.”

Timeless friendships still hurting with the passing of time.

The Wizards volleyball team mourned together. They cheered each other up. They put their sweat, tears, and emotions into the sport they, and Hannah, loved so much.

And they got back to the Murray Center, where they played their last match with Hannah before she graduated and went to the University of Rhode Island.

May 1st, 2021. The Division II championship.

As one does when someone they love passes away, they think about the memories they shared. The way that person changed their own life. They may even visit some of the places they went together, looking for peace and a piece of their loved one.

The Wizards certainly found that in the Murray Center Saturday.

They played every point with Hannah’s heart. Celebrated each point as if to honor Cyr.

In the end, the Wizards were celebrating a Division II championship, and a straight set victory over Classical.

But they were celebrating so much more. They were celebrating their teammate’s life and the inspiration she gave them. Inspiration she would have given them when she was playing, she still supplied.

“We know she’s looking down,” head coach Josh Malloy said as tears rolled down his face.

“We know she’s looking down.”

His final comments before leaving the same gym where he coached Hannah in her final match.

A “celebration of life” is a title usually reserved for a funeral, rightfully so.

But the way West Warwick played Saturday…

That was a celebration of Hannah Cyr’s life.

A display of Hannah’s heart.

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