Fmr. candidate for Congress arrested for DUI & resisting arrest

Dee DeQuattro

A Republican who ran for Congress against James Langevin in 2012 and lost was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, and refusal to submit to a chemical test early Wednesday morning.

Michael Riley, 56 of Narragansett, was arrested after police observed his vehicle driving erratically. According to police reports the vehicle looked as if it was going to turn into the Maridee Bait & Tackle parking lot but quickly changed direction and proceeded southbound in the northbound lane on Point Judith Road before turning onto Old Point Judith Road. 

The officer then observed the vehicle drive off the roadway into the grassy area by Brenton Point before reentering the roadway. The officer began to follow the vehicle and saw it swerve again in the roadway. The officer pulled over the vehicle at 42 Kinney Drive.

When the officer asked the driver, Riley, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle for a license an registration Riley just stared blankly at him and made no effort to retrieve the requested info. The report says Riley was observed to have bloodshot and watery eyes and the officer could smell an odor of alcohol from the vehicle.

The officer ran Riley's plates and returned to the vehicle to once again request Riley's license and registration. Riley refused and asked the officer what his name was. The officer responded with his name and badge number.

He then ask if Riley had been drinking and Riley became agitated and began yelling that the officer had no reason to pull him over. The officer told Riley that he pulled him over for motor vehicle violations.

Riley pulled out his cell phone a dialed 0, reads the report, he “held the phone up” as if it was recording but it was only repeating a standardized message. Riley then pulled out a pen and paper as if he was going to write what the officer was saying but he kept dropping the items and eventually gave up.

Riley then started picking up his cell phone as if it was recording and asked the officer what his name was and how much he had been drinking. He then asks how many times he had pulled him over that night. The officer responded one time. Riley insisted the officer pulled him over three times and called the officer a “liar” and accused him of “harassing” him.

Another officer then arrived on scene and Riley was asked to step outside the vehicle and stated “You're F***** and You're going to lose your job for this.”

The officer told Riley he suspected he was under the influence of alcohol and to once again step outside the vehicle. This time Riley complied. He exited the vehicle and walked to the middle of the road and stated that he had ran for congress and they had “f*****” up.

The officer reports that he was unsteady on his feet and swaying from side to side during the incident. Riley was asked to take a field sobriety test but Riley refused. At that point the officer asked instructed Riley that he was under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs.

When the officer said this Riley said he is going to walk home and begins walking. The officer grabbed his wrist and advised him he is under arrest and place his hand behind his back. Riley pulled his hand away screaming “I ran for God **** Congress, you're F*****”

The officer then took hold of Riley's arm spun him around and placed him on the front of the hood once again stating he was under arrest and to stop resisting. The second patrolman told Riley if he didn't listen to the commands he would be sprayed. Riley then started yelling and swearing and pushed himself off the cruiser propelling himself backwards. The patrol man then deployed his OC spray. Riley screamed and continued to flail. Officers brought him to the ground where he yelled obscenities and called the police “rookies.”

While he was pined to the ground after being handcuffed Riley began screaming “Obama was right!” He then laid on the ground and refused to get on his feet. He had to be carried to the backseat of the cruiser.

After he was handcuffed Riley began to cry saying “I just let him walk home he wouldn't remember any of this anyway.”

Riley had to be escorted into the Police Department. When they arrived Riley asked if he had been taken home and the officer advised him he was under arrest. He then began asking what town he was in.

Riley was later arraigned by a justice of the peace and released on $1,000 personal recognizance. He is set to appear in court for a formal arraignment April 9.


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