Former Fall River firefighter charged with making fake 911 calls

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) — A former Fall River firefighter faced a judge this morning charged with making fake 911 calls. The police report sheds some light on why some of his former colleagues think he was calling in fake fires.

A few firefighters think Kyle Cusick wanted them out of the station so he could go in and steal money to fund a substance abuse problem. Cusick resigned back in January after 3 years with the department and is charged with 15 counts of making fake 911 calls

The police report detailing the investigation shows Cusick started making the calls in 2016. He had a routine, giving a fake name and many of the times saying he was just seeing smoke and no flames.

A deputy chief and district chief interviewed by police both say Cusick was known to have a substance abuse problem. The deputy chief has known Cusick since he was a kid because Cusick’s dad is also a firefighter. He listened to all 15 calls and confirmed it was Cusick’s voice. He told police he assumed Cusick was making the calls to empty the station and go in and steal money.

According to the report, there were several times money would go missing from the canteen or firefighters lockers. None of the stations in the city have security cameras inside and nothing was reported to police, just handled internally. Police therefore can’t prove it was Cusick who stole the money.

Chief John Lynch says Cusick betrayed the trust of the department and the citizens of Fall River but he still wishes Cusick the best.

No bail was set and Cusick was released on personal recognizance. He’s also ordered to stay away from the fire stations and seek help at a treatment center.

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