Former Middletown police officer sent to ACI for altering law enforcement records

Gamache Trial

PROVIDENCE, RI (WLNE) – A former Middletown police officer was sentenced to prison after being found guilty of altering police records.

The Attorney General’s office says Richard Gamache, 52, of Middletown, was found guilty on Feb. 26 on 11 counts of intentional access, alteration damage, or destruction of computer data, and two counts of giving false documents to an agent, employee, or public official.

Gamache fraudulently altered police records in order to help his girlfriend obtain a public housing Section 8 voucher in 2016, according to the attorney general’s office.

He also deleted arrest records from the Department’s system in furtherance of his attempt to secure the Section 8 voucher for her, the attorney general’s office said.

While altering the records, Gamache classified his significant other as a confidential informant of the department involved in an ongoing case.

He then submitted unauthorized letters using the department’s letterhead to the Newport Housing Authority, in which he claimed that she faced grave danger if she was not given an emergency voucher, the attorney general’s office said.

The AG’s office said Gamache’s significant other never served as a confidential informant for the Middletown Police Department.

By deleting his girlfriend’s arrest records, he attempted to ensure that she would be able to pass any future background checks that would disqualify her from receiving the voucher because of her previous arrest records.

The Middletown Police Department began their investigation into Gamache’s conduct in 2018, after Rhode Island State Police arrested him and his significant other following a DUI and domestic violence incident, according to the attorney general’s office.

Gamache was sentenced on the 11 felony counts to a 5 year full sentence with the first 18 months to be served at the ACI.

The remainder of the sentence would be suspended with probation. The court also imposed a fine of $2,200.

“Police officers, like all public officials, must be held accountable when they abuse their public authority to serve their private interests,” said Attorney General Neronha. “Those who swear an oath to serve the public have a great responsibility to maintain public trust – a trust the defendant plainly violated here. I want to thank the Office’s Public Integrity Unit and the Middletown Police Department for their strong work throughout the investigation and trial.”

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