Former Newport Fire Fighter searching for location for his marijuana club

Former Newport fire fighter, Patrick Rimoshytus, has been searching for a location for his marijuana club, called Green Cross of Rhode Island. A place where he says patients and caregivers can meet, without the high costs that state–regulated dispensaries carry.

"They don't have the ability to find these growers and caregivers and that's where i would like to fulfill this need. to take the growers straight to the patients," Says Rimoshytus.

Not all warren residents are on board with this idea, their concerns heard loud and clear tonight.

"The state has limited to the so called compassion centers, now we are trying to come in through a back door to do it,  im not going to say illegally but it certainly has that connotation," says one concerned resident.

"why does warren have to provide a place for people to consume a drug.. legal or not? isn't this something that should be done in the privacy of ones home or a medical facility," says another.

The proposed site for the club, the former Nathaniel Porter Inn.

"People aren't going there to party, they're going there to get their medicine and meet people that can give them their medicine," Says Rimoshytus' lawyer Robert Healey.

But town councilors aren't convinced this is a legal and safe operation. Rimoshytus was asked by the council to come back in September to provide them with more information.