Former Pascoag fire captain denies exposing himself

By: Alexandra Cowley

A former Pascoag Fire Captain, fired for exposing himself to two fellow firefighters, is now changing his tune. Weeks after his release, he's speaking out, claiming his innocence.

Adam Lee already pleaded no contest to indecent exposure, but that now he wants his job back.

“It's not true, it's an allegation, its unprovable,”said Lee.

Adam Lee has remained silent ever since he was fired from his job one month ago as Pascoag fire captain, until now.

“I remember telling them I've had enough and walking to the bedroom,” he explained.

Lee denies he ever exposed himself to a female firefighter and her fiance in his apartment back in March. He's speaking out now, because he says the public needs to hear his side of the story and the incident has turned his life upside down.

“Its not just me that it's affected, it's affected my whole family,” Lee said.

Here's what the couple told police. A group of firefighters were out at a local pizza place having drinks. Lee invited a them over to his apartment for more drinks, the couple lived right across the hall. When they got inside Lee's apartment, they say Lee rented a porn movie, pulled down his pants, and performed lewd acts.

The couple states in the report they were “absolutely shocked and disgusted” and left.

Lee doesn't deny it all.

“The movie part is true, it wasn't the first time we'd watched a movie,” he said.

He does, however, deny exposing himself, at least intentionally.

“I told them I've had enough, and I started walking to the bedroom, and I probably started undressing as I was walking to the bedroom, and left on my boxer briefs,” Lee explained.

According to lee, that's where the night ended, and all the trouble started. His 15 years of service with the fire department are over and he struggles to support his 3 kids.

The couple who filed the claims against Lee, are still with the fire department. We were unable to reach them for comment.

Lee says, “For the people that don't know me, too bad on them for making a judgement, but for the people that know me, this allegation is not me.”

Lee also claims that he has voice recordings of one the victims that he says proves his innocence. He won't release them though, out of fear of legal ramifications.

(C) WLNE-TV 2013