Former Patriot Tedy Bruschi “doing great” following second stroke

WRENTHAM, Mass. (WLNE) — Tedy Bruschi spoke out early Monday after suffering a mini-stroke on the fourth of July. The 46-year-old former Patriot posted on Instagram, thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

“He’s doing great,” said Elizabeth Perry-Tirrell, executive director of Tedy’s Team, Bruschi’s Wrentham-based nonprofit.

In that post Bruschi added he instantly recognized the warning signs of a stroke, before being rushed to the hospital. Bruschi was released from the hospital Friday.

Making sure everyone knows the signs of a stroke is the primary goal of Tedy’s Team, which Bruschi founded following his first stroke back in 2005.

So what do you need to know? Tedy’s Team says remember the acronym “BE FAST”:
– Balance difficulties
– Eyesight changes
– Face drooping
– Arm weakness
– Speech difficulties
– Time to call 911

“What we want to come from this is people to understand the warning signs of stroke,” said Perry-Tirrell.

For stroke survivor Wyatt Kelley, Bruschi’s latest battle was a sobering reminder that it can happen again.

“I burst into tears,” said Kelley. “You kind of live in that, like, could this happen again. And especially you work so hard to recover and do all those things to get back to a normal life, to always have that in the back of your head that it could happen again, and then when someone you’ve known, someone you love or is close to you has that experience, that’s an instant reaction.”

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