Former Youth Cheerleading Coach Charged With Child Pornography

By: Melissa Toupin

Police say Andrew DeMello, 22, of Raynham used a fake persona
to entice middle school boys into performing acts of a sexual nature for his
personal viewing over an on–line video camera.

The teenage boys are all football players for Taunton Pop
Warner. DeMello was a cheer coach for the organization at the time. He also
coached one season at Friedman Middle School.

“It's a tough world if kids can't go out and be able to
trust adults. It's absolutely sad,” said John Matthews of Taunton.

Police say DeMello posed as a 19 year old female on Skype, an
on–line video chat service. In August Investigators took all the computers from
his home, and say the investigation shows there were at least four teenaged

“I think that's where the parents play a role. You've
got to monitor what your children do on the computer,” said Ruthie
Delsolio of Taunton.

DeMello is charged with 3 counts of child pornography. He is
not allowed in contact with children under the age of 16 in person or on the
computer. He faces up to 5 years in prison for each count.

“I feel bad for his family that they have to go through
this but I feel sadder for the family of the children that went through this
that didn't know any better,” said Delsolio.

Taunton Pop Warner had no comment on the matter. ABC6 reached out to Taunton
Public Schools for comment but did not receive a response.